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Brands are Responding Quickly to the Consumer Shift

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In the increasingly crowded beauty market, consumers also have new products and brands to chose from on a seemingly endless basis. In order to win consumer attention and favor, tube packaging design plays a tremendous role.


Aluminum tubes could be more expensive, but speciality personal care and cosmetic brands tend to have a higher margins and target less price-sensitive consumers, so the cost could be passed on.

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Our client’s high expectations are perfectly met by selecting Pack-Tubes Studio, not only does the combination of packaging elements have a sleek look, commanding aspect, but it is also 100% recyclable as both the tube and cap are manufactured from the same material and can be easily sorted as just a "single piece" in the recycling stream.

Recycling is a core business operation of the aluminum industry. In the United States and Canada, the industry recycles more than 5 million tons of aluminum each year, most of which goes back directly into the North American supply. 

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