During the brand development process we bring your concept to a fill & seal tube packaging prototype, fully decorated with high definition graphics and color accuracy

Sustainable tube

Prototyping Aluminum Tubes

Collapsible deco 99.7% metal tube offers full barrier to light, gases, moisture, oils, volatile chemicals, and micro-organisms. Ideal for sensitive formulas with max shelf life. 

Aluminum tube prototypes available to hold from 10ml to 60ml with fez cap. 

Personalized LDPE squeezable tube prototypes and sales samples that are filled & sealed with flip-top caps are available. Made at our NY office by our own experienced team.

Made for brand owners, independent beauty start-ups, product development companies, graphic design agencies, co-packers, laboratories, marketers, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.   

New products are constantly being designed and developed. Our USA based packaging studio offers technology advancements to custom build metal or co-ex plastic tube prototypes or sales samples to demonstrate  functionality, and aesthetics.    

Our Services

Following your graphic design and artwork we would develop:

  • Tube specifications

  • Material Data Sheets

  • Die-lines/ templates

  • Art Proofs

  • Mockups

  • Packaging Comps

  • Prototypes

  • Sales Samples

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Typical use of tube packaging prototypes

  • Hero Comps for photo shoots, ads, PR opportunity

  • Focus Group to test consumer response

  • Marketing Trials to preview a brand experience at the purchase point

  • Sales pitch face to face calls and presentations

  • Retail simulation providing all packaging and brand details

  • Design & color validations and analysis

  • Trade show sharing your brand experience with CPG

  • Market research on a large scale