A Sustainable Option

Personalized Aluminum Tube Solution with Low MOQs
with an Aluminum Cap


We make your tube packaging experience easy! Providing a One-Stop-Shop by supplying a sustainable aluminum decorated tube with a cap, filled with your formula, master pack for retail-ready.


Step 1: Choose tube size that better fits your needs

   * Available tube sizes are  1oz/30ml  -  2oz/60ml  -  3oz/90ml

Step 2: Submit your artwork into our die-line for us to issue a pending proof
* Please request a die-line base on chosen tube size(s)

Step 3: Define your startup or launch quantities per tube size

  • MOQ for 1oz is 684 tubes 

  • MOQ for 2oz is 558 tubes 

  • MOQ for 3oz is 480 tubes 


  1. Depending on the tube size and required quantity, Pack-Tubes Studio will confirm by email price per unit. Request price list at

  2. At customer's request, Pack-Tubes Studio to ship few tube samples for compatibility and stability tests. Click here for Sample Request Form 

  3. Customer will mail in @12 oz sample of your bulk lotion or cream to our facility for testing and validation.

  4. Pack-Tubes Studio will email a die-line for you to insert a fully outlined PDF art file. Request die-line/ template at

  5. Once the lotion or cream arrives and after artwork is approved, your order will be processed and ready to ship in about 4-6 weeks.

Designed for Indie Brands

E-commerce is dominating the personal care products sales. A perfect opportunity for you to step in. If you are an independent beauty company or a high-end boutique owner that is ready to launch your personal care line and in need of a fully sustainable aluminum tube, Pack-Tubes Studio is the solution for you. Pack-Tubes will transform your concept into a filled & crimped aluminum tube with small orders. The tube is digitally and personalized decorated as per the client's artistic graphic design.

Infinitely Recyclable Tube 

In-house aluminum tube fulfillment service

Under a cleanroom condition in our Texas-based facility, each of these decorated sustainable tubes will get filled with your formula, retail-ready service.


Made for brand owners, boutique owners, independent beauty start-ups, product development companies, graphic design agencies, co-packers, laboratories, marketers, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.   

2oz Metal w Metal tube.jpg

Our collapsible aluminum tube with optional aluminum cap are made of 99.7% pure aluminum and offers a full barrier to light, gases, moisture, oils, volatile chemicals, and micro-organisms. It is ideal for sensitive organic, natural, vegan formulas that are aiming for a max shelf life. If you are ready to take an eco-friendly commitment one step further with the use of an aluminum tube packaging option, Pack-Tubes is here for you. 

Product Description 

Exclusively natural silver aluminum collapsible tubes packaging we offer the following low MOQs solutions:

  • Blank natural silver tubes 

  • Option to custom decorate each aluminum tube.

  • Completed filled & crimped metal tubes service with your own formula

  • 1 and 2 oz tubes with an octagonal plastic black, white or silver finish aluminum cap

  • 3 oz tube includes a plastic black stand-up D30 cap

3oz Bikini deco tube.jpg

Aluminum tube specifications under inventory:

  • 1 oz natural silver aluminum tube          Diameter 25 mm x 120 mm tall

  • 2 oz natural silver aluminum tube          Diameter 30 mm x 150 mm tall

  • 3 oz natural silver aluminum tube          Diameter 32 mm x 175 mm tall

       Short manufacturing lead time.

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* Our only available cap style for this  Indie Beauty program is:

 1oz and 2oz aluminum tube with a plastic 

octagonal black or white cap or a natural silver aluminum octagonal style cap.

 for 3 oz aluminum tube with black stand-up cap only.

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